Saturday, October 5, 2019

BETA Test at Green Galactica

One day the PL asked me to provide a checklist with the most important acceptance criteria and which served as checkpoints to enter the next phase of the project.The list was then extended with a few more items by the PL and PO themselves.When the date came close someone worked on the list and started to add an extra attribute for all checklist items to lessen certain acceptance criteria. When I realized the majority of the checklist items were reset to "NICE-TO-HAVE", I insisted to remove that new classification. Most of the items now classified as NICE-TO-HAVE were a clear NOGOs (look at the cartoon), but it seemed the editor started to realize one is not going to achieve a big set of these topics. My concern was that if something is labeled NICE-TO-HAVE the team wouldn't even start trying to work on the topic. What we then all agreed to made more sense: We kept the list as is and instead on D-DAY went through all topics together and discussed the current state of each acceptance criteria. We then decided whether or not we could still continue under this or that particular condition.

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