Monday, January 3, 2011

Confused Customer

OK, at the time I drew this cartoon, I thought, how would it feel if we testers suddenly got a call from a happy customer rather than the usual thing which is:

A P1 call on a Friday afternoon 4pm from a crestfallen customer after we deployed a new release the night before.

I asked myself, "how would it feel if we deployed a version that worked straightaway without any user running into troubles the day after we shipped the new release?"

Without expecting it ever to happen, only a few months later, we got forwarded an email from a customer who congratulated us for the great achievement. He was happy because we delivered a piece of software which worked at first go. The customer was surprised, since he did not expect this from us, so he felt he needed to tell us how amazed he was.

What does it tell me? It's obvious, that message was ambiguous. Did he really want to simply be grateful or did he want to tell us something else...?

BTW. ThanX to Rob Lambert who was so kind to include my cartoon into the free eBook "A Tester is for Life, Not Just for Christmas".


  1. I really like your style of depicting your thought into reality. I like the cartoon. I want to say that it will be better with this picture you also explain your idea to some extent. You explanation will help understanding your point in a better way.

  2. ThanX SAP, I added the text just now. ThanX for the feedback.