Thursday, July 19, 2012

About Bugs and Monsters

Just because a bug doesn't get enough attention by developers and BAs and/or release decision makers, doesn't mean it sticks to that state 4-ever. Our testers and me, too were sometimes disappointed when we raised an issue weeks ago without anyone to unterstand its importance and impact; and then only to learn that few days before going live, people were desperatly searching for an ugly workaround although there was plenty of time - from our perspective - to fix the root cause if only it was  understood early enough. Finding and "selling" a found bug are two different things and sometimes I find the latter more difficult especially when developers or other team members are busy with the next hot release, since then there is little room for the big problems the next but one release has to offer.

ThanX to the The Testing Planet magazine editors who were so kind to publish my cartoon in their issue 8