Friday, September 14, 2012

Everyday life at the Southern Hemisphere

People often ask me, how long it takes me to draw a cartoon. I cannot really provide a right answer here as it heavily depends. For this cartoon it took me only about 1 hour. This is very fast and also the number of drafts (only 2) is surprisingly low.  Usually, even though I am not a perfectionist, it takes much longer, probably 2 hours, but I've also worked on cartoons which took me 3 hours. I have stopped coloring my cartoons because this is an extra challenge at which I don't really excel. I mean, I have to spend a lot of time and the outcome is chilling. I think I do much better on some kind of grey scale. 
My daughter askmed me whether I drew the Orca straight out of my head. Of course, NOT. I cannot draw an orca just like this out of my head. I googled the web to understand the most important characteristics, then did two drafts and this is what came out. If I didn't do that, I'd definitly missed the white spots and put the eye at the wrong place. Below you see the "final" before I scan it into the computer and the very first draft.

Final version before scanning into computer
 Very first draft


  1. Great insight into how you work... But how about the penguins, did you Google them as well? They look fairly *cartoon-ised*.
    Thanks for all the fantastic cartoons you draw!

  2. Hi Andy. The Cartoon Tester!! Great to see you here!
    The penguins came actually straight of my head, no cheating here.

  3. Hi Torsten,
    Is it okay if I repost some of your cartoons on our website? I think they are hilarious! I will show the cartoon on our blog, but link it to your blog page.
    Please let me know if that's okay.

    Khanh-Thy Gonzales
    Lighthouse Software Testing

    1. Hi, sure go ahead. Sorry for the long response time on my side
      Best wishes