Sunday, May 13, 2018

Ready to take off - or good enough to go live?

Many, many years back, when I drew the first version of the cartoon on a draft piece of paper, I was inspired by an email sent out to everyone claiming the software is good enough to go live although the software never went through proper testing. Only "A." had tested it; and since A was such a great techie we were feeling quite comfortable if he had looked into it. This attitude had established more and more until we forgot to deliberating on the fact that even for "A." it was simply not possible to deal with all those increasing bugs showing up at customers. We had to change our mindset to simply rely on exploratory testing only, and therefore set-up a team that performed a more planned approach in testing the software. This included a study of all varying characteristics of the different customer's most important workflows, and it resulted on testing these workflows with the goal to mitigate the risk these workflows are broken in the next release.

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