Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Different Goals

When a tester didn't find any cool bugs, then he basically has two options to think about.

a) The software is good enough to go live
b) The software wasn't tested well enough

Typically, the developer thinks it is "a". And, of course, the tester always fears it could be option "b".


  1. TOJZ,


    software cant be broken, thing is that it is already broken when it reaches tester's table... Msg nicely poured in as a cartoon.. :)

    Tester job is to find the broken places... :)


  2. Hi Venkat
    So true, and I think I remember having heard this melody already by JW (James Whittaker).

    BTW, this thought (testers don't break) has been given to in my other cartoon as of February 2009 where they discuss why the bug (here mouse) hasn't been caught by the tester (cat).

    ThanX for your comment and hope you liked it...

    Torsten alias tojz

  3. I'm a programmer who eventually (after years of asking) convinced the company to let me work full-time on automated testing tools for our software. Now when people ask me what I do, I tell them "other programmers try to make the software work; I try to break it".

    Thanks for drawing this comic. A copy of it now decorates the outside of my office.

  4. It is my pleasure. Hey, you are one of those rare species who shifts from programming to testing like me. Most of the people I know do the other way round.