Sunday, October 13, 2019

How dare you, Lambretta?

Usually I am testing software, but today, I enjoyed a 15 minute test ride on a brand-new Lambretta and
I decided to add my personal results to my cartoon blog even though this blog is mainly for software testing.

My goal today was to check-out whether the great Lambretta revival edition it is an alternative
to my beloved but seriously broken Vespa. I've read the Lambretta advertisment in the news. I checked many pictures and it made me curious. The longer I googled the more excited I got, and I also checked the price which seemed reasonable to me, until the moment I saw it live.

The positive things I noted was the quiet motor and the firm road holding at the speed of 80km/h. Something I wasn't used to my current Vespa. Also the design of the new Lambretta is great and remembering these great ages of the Sixties, but wait...everything is made out of plastic now.
I understand that in order to save fuel, you need to consider weight, but ...the front, the fender, the wings, I mean everything? Considering that this scooter is celebrated as the big revival of Lambretta, I really had not expected to meet such a big collection of elastic material.

When I did my test ride, I noticed the oversized LCD monitor just below the analog speedo. While I think it is kind of weird to add an LCD monitor to a vintage-a-like scooter, there was something else that really worried me. The LCD is so big that you can hardly read your current speed in the analog display above the LCD. Having to search the needle while you are driving uses time, time that may be needed elsewhere.

Here is what I don't understand in these days....designers do a great job making products look great, developers do a hard job implementing the requirements and testers test the hell out of these products to make sure, the customer doesn't get disappointed. And then, you meet a potential client in the shop who realizes within minutes what she is presented by the sales guy looks like a two-bit plastic toy. Product Managers...we need to talk ;)

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

He just knew too much

THE DAILY BUG. "A software tester was found dead due to an overdose of drugs yesterday evening at his home in lower Manhattan, New York. His body was discovered before dawn on Sunday, October 5. He was a professional software tester and known for his strategies in spotting even hard to find bugs. An interviewed friend on site believes, he was murdered. "The tester was threatened several times by suspicious phone calls", he said. The police states they have found traces left by ugly critters at the crime scene. The police also stated, the main suspect was identified as Dendro Ponderosa, a modified name which has its roots in the Latin name Dendroctonus ponderosae, a mountain pine beetle and a remote relative of Dendro. The police published an appropriate mug shot of the suspect."
Reported by Formica Rufa